Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot and her cheeky, fashion-spread-worthy pics of food have been on our radar for a while now (be sure to check out her fantastic images for Italy’s RedMilk magazine), but we’re really loving her new series “Fad Diets,” in which she creates her signature sculptural compositions of the slew of terrible-yet-trendy diets that have come in (and out of) vogue over the past few decades.

Her list of outdated food crazes includes: The baby food diet, orange food diet (because clearly Fanta + Cheetos = beach body), pea diet (on which some woman apparently just lost 112 pounds), Master Cleanse, and the perennial favorite of high school kids, fashion models, and Karl Lagerfeld—the tasty cigarette and Diet Coke diet.

Said Gonot of her food fascination in a recent conversation with Phaidon: “With food you not only get color, texture and a cultural context, but you get the thought of a flavor and how that food makes you feel when you eat it. Food can be a powerful object in a composition.”

And Stephanie, once the liquid lunch has run its course amongst the fashionably slim set, we’d like to suggest a green juice photo shoot.

See more of Gonot’s work or follow her fun Tumblr.