For still life photographer Dina Belenko, holiday cookies and cinnamon-sprinkled lattes aren’t an earthly treat—they’re polaroids of astronomical activity, transposed onto a dessert plate. Channeling milk swirls and powdered sugar sprinkles as inspiration, Belenko has crafted fantastical panoramas of outer space using ingredients and accessories found in the kitchen.

The same moon

“As a still life photographer I always try to find something interesting and adventurous in everyday objects…every time I pour some milk in my coffee I see a new-born galaxy” Belenko says, recalling the inspiration for her series. She describes the year-long initiative as 52 weeks of work, cosmos and cookies.


Belenko’s cosmic kitchen was created as part of German designer Natalie Ratkovski’s Endless Book Project, an open invitation to illustrators, photographers and stylists to create one piece of art for every week in 2014. Each piece must connect to its predecessor to create a timelapse-esque panorama with no defined end.

 dina-belenko-space-coffee   dina-belenko-coffee-space

For Belenko, bakery was not only a creative inspiration, but also a political asset. In her list titled “What To Pack For Space Vacation,” she prioritizes cookies as #2 — “to show your peaceful intentions.”


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