When it comes to work perks, office snacks have become par for the course. The delectable embellishment listed right after health care, quarterly bonus, and bring your dog to work days. From kettle chips to peanut brittle, palm-sized, edible morsels have become a cornerstone of every highly functioning workspace, the gasoline that fuels our 9 to 5.


But, beyond that, these mindless carbs are also the inspiration behind Tasty Office, a photo series that is food for the eyes—and mouth. Born from the minds of the event designers behind food&event, the project reimagines drab office spaces in various foodstuff from lollipop ballpoint pens to cupcake pencil sharpeners.


“Tasty Office is the result of analyzing the routine of a person who spends many hours sitting in front of a computer,” says Giulia Ruggiero, one of the forces behind the Spanish event company. “We were inspired by our daily life. We often spend lots of time behind our desks without stopping, while drinking coffee, eating cookies, and chewing our pens.”


Once the concept was finalized, food&event worked with photographer Reni Wu to bring it to life.

“A pen doesn’t have a lot of flavor when you bite it, so it’s better if you eat a lollipop,” Ruggiero says.

Beyond office snacks, food&event are also thinking about the future of food. “People are getting more sensitive to the topic of food, respecting the traditions and flavors of our past, and thinking about their origins and education,” Ruggiero says. “Our future depends on it.”